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Goldie Grace Corona Gorda & Lancero 5 Pack

Goldie Grace Corona Gorda & Lancero 5 Pack

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Embark on a transformative journey with two pioneering craft cigar brands, "The Cigar Clowns" and "Chaffiot Collection," as they unite with a shared vision: to smoke out Human Trafficking. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the world of premium cigars, blending the artistry of masterful cigar crafting with a resolute commitment to championing human dignity and freedom.

Introducing the "Goldie Grace," a beacon of hope and a masterpiece of collaboration between these esteemed brands. This cigar is not merely a testament to the finesse and expertise inherent in every roll; it embodies a powerful stance against the shadows of human trafficking, signaling a bold step towards emancipation and respect for all.

Wrapped in the embrace of a luxurious Ecuadorian Habano leaf, the "Goldie Grace" presents an exquisite concoction that speaks directly to the heart of the connoisseur. Its Nicaraguan binder and filler are born from the lush, volcanic soils, offering a symphony of flavors that dance with depth and complexity with every puff.

Available in two select sizes, the "Goldie Grace" caters to individual moments of reflection and enjoyment. Opt for the Corona Gorda (5½ x 46) for a balanced, thoughtful smoking experience, or the Lancero (7 x 42), a limited edition marvel, for a prolonged, intricate taste exploration.

Yet, the essence of the "Goldie Grace" transcends its sensory pleasures. In partnership with Bikers Against Trafficking, "The Cigar Clowns" and "Chaffiot Collection" harness the allure of this exceptional cigar as a beacon of light against the darkness of human trafficking. Each draw is not only a journey through a rich tapestry of taste but also a step forward in a noble cause, contributing towards a future where freedom thrives and exploitation has no refuge.

Join us in this noble quest. Ignite a "Goldie Grace" and immerse yourself in its luxurious flavors, knowing that with each draw, you're part of a greater solution. Together, we're not just savoring a premium craft cigar – we're igniting a movement for change, one smoke at a time.


Corona Gorda box press 3 per pack

lancero box press 2 per pack 

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